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The city of Agadir


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The different districts of the city of Agadir have been organised around the bay in successive rings, each with its own activities.

The first crown is dedicated to tourism, this district is called the Tourist District, the big hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, trendy bars and nightclubs are of course part of this district.

The bay starts at the Founty district and ends with what is called "The Coast" with its restaurants, snack bars and bars, which stretches to the Marina and its marina.

The second crown is made up of the tertiary sector: offices, banks for the Business District and shops particularly on the Avenue Hassan II.

Your Jibril Immo agency is located in this sector of the Business District.

The other districts of Agadir, from the Swiss District to El Houda, passing by Taddart, Charaf, Dakhla are residential districts of villas and apartments.

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Here are the links to 4 major golf courses:

Golf du Soleil Agadir

Royal Golf Club Agadir

Golf Les Dunes Agadir

Golf de l'Ocèan Agadir

Ideal weather all year round, you will also find a large population of surfers coming to discover the exceptional waves in the Agadir region. A new resort located north of Agadir (where the surf spots are!), also offers a new golf course, bringing the number of golf courses in the region to five.

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